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    Glass Supplies for Every Need!


    Soft Glass (104 & 90 COE)

    Colour Charts

    To order glass email:

    Effetre (Moretti) glass rods, some sheets, and accompanying frit and commercial stringer.

    Vetrofond glass - Limited stock available

    104 COE Dichroic glass

    ASK (ArrowSprings) custom glass, in some very lovely colours.

    CIM (Creation Is Messy) glass, including the fabulous selection of pinks, not to be found in other 104 COE glasses.

    R4 - (Precision) glass - initially known as Rocio glass - remarkable for it's high silver content and extraordinary reactions.

    Bullseye glass rods, which are 90 COE.


    Hard Glass (33 COE)

    We also have a full line of Simax Boro (Borosilicate) glass for both small-scale and large scale flameworking, including rods (3 mm to 32 mm) and tubing (5 mm to 200 mm.) We also carry the coloured Borosilicate tubing in assorted sizes: Cobalt Blue, Black, Wisteria Purple, Pink, Amber, and Green. For Borosilicate glass orders, please email:

    We carry the NorthStar, Glass Alchemy, and Momka glass rods and frit. We also have Dichroic Borosilicate.

    Colour Charts

    Glass Tools

    We also have a full range of glass working tools, including:

    For tools, kilns, and everything else, please email:

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