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Established in 1967, Nortel Manufacturing Limited has revolutionized the way people work with fire. From flexible hand torches to bench-mounted burners with real power — Nortel knows how to turn up the heat.

And, as working with glass is a natural extension of that burning desire — we carry all the tools you need to flame-work glass, from kilns to oxygen concentrators to the glass itself.

But that's not all that Nortel Manufacturing is about. Nortel also manufactures a line of high-efficiency air movers and air-miser nozzles that will blow your mind, and special application sensing switches, ribbon-switches, and safety-switching mats that make sense.

Years of design innovation have made Nortel Manufacturing an industry leader in both flameworking equipment and specialized industrial products — and years of listening and partnering with our customers have made Nortel Canada's premier distributor for flameworking supplies. Nortel Manufacturing. For your burning desire.

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